Bionaut’s vision is to transform medical treatment into an anatomically precise, safe and deterministic process. We enable direct physical access to any anatomic location in the body using remote-controlled miniature robots (Bionauts™), establishing them as a leading medical modality.


The Bionauts™ are manufactured using proprietary methods in sizes ranging from the nano to the mm scale.  Imagine being able to carry any clinical payload (large or small molecule) to any specific point in the body and release it at will; to continuously monitor localized conditions in the body on the cellular level, or to automate complex surgery and conduct it remotely without a single external incision. This reality is enabled by the remote controlled Bionaut™ as medical vehicle.



Dr. William Loudon, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Alex Kiselyov

Chief Science Officer

Michael Shpigelmacher

CEO and Founder



50% of FDA approved drugs are developed to treat anatomically localized targets in the body (e.g. a solid tumor, a blood clot). Unfortunately, today’s precision medicine can’t localize efficiently with anatomic precision. In order to reach localized targets, physicians resort to systemic drugs or invasive surgical procedures. This reduces treatment efficacy and safety. Many promising drugs fail to pass the FDA trial process for this reason. The problem affects millions of patients across multiple therapeutic areas, including  CNS (Central Nervous System), CV (Cardiovascular), Solid Tumor Oncology, Ophthalmology, and much more.

The Bionaut™ platform solves this problem by offering a delivery mechanism which is anatomically precise by design. The Bionauts™ are capable of directed, active motion via solid tissue, natural body lumens and/or other biological compartments.



The Bionaut™ platform relies on 2 main components:

- Bionaut™ robots located inside the patient body, capable of accurate motion and delivery of diverse medical treatments, such as drug release, diagnostic sampling or minimally invasive surgery. Multiple distinct prototypes of Bionauts™ have been developed to target the delivery of different medical treatments, in different body compartments.

- A compact remote controller located outside of the patient body, guiding the Bionaut™ robots motion and operations. The remote controller utilizes common medical imaging modalities to track the Bionauts™ in real time. Bionaut maintains a collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Germany. All components of the platform are patent protected.